[NTG-context] Using capsule versoion of TeX from Pragma.

h h extern pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Jan 30 23:27:33 CET 2005

John Culleton wrote:

> I will at some point write a list of what I had to do to make the minimal 
> Linux-TeX package work and submit it to Hans as a howto and/or a todo list. 
> Anyhow it works currently and the infamous hyphenation problem is no more. 

you mean the minimal one from our website?

just run

   . /path-to-minimal-tex/setuptex /path-to-minimal-tex

and things should work; so, you can add those to your profile or just call it 
before using tex

[btw, the pool files are in the web2c subpaths]


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