[NTG-context] Russia (cyrillic letters) Arabic]

Rob Ermers r.ermers at hccnet.nl
Fri Jan 28 12:05:41 CET 2005

 > Rob Ermers wrote:
 >> Hi,
 >> I would be interested in a solution for Arabic... Presently 
\<Mu.hammad> works, but otherwise support for Arabic (\startarabic) is 
not optimal. If one of you could make a set-up for that too ...
 > arabic a bit more tricky since it has those ligatures, so that needs 
aleph or arabtex
 > (of course we can make an encoding with named glyphs)
 > Hans
That would be great! The number of ligatures is limited, however. 
Arabtex in fact has more than strictly necessary.

However, I never got omega running, in spite of my attempts.

By the way, be aware that Hebrew may not have ligatures, but it does 
have some characters whose shape changes when they appear at the word 
ending, so, e.g., -n is not the same character code as n- or -n-.
You should also take in account that people will want to use dotted 
consonants, i.e. the dots that distinguish b from v, and s from sh, etc.


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