[NTG-context] Russia (cyrillic letters)

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Jan 27 10:23:29 CET 2005

Mikael Persson wrote:

> Hm, I don't think so. But that is a question for everyone to consider.
> However, if you ask me I would be happy to have (snipped from the
> README file):

>   rm:  Computer Modern Roman
>   sl:  Computer Modern Slanted
>   ti:  Computer Modern Italic
>   cc:  Computer Modern Caps and Small Caps
>   ui:  Computer Modern Unslanted Italic

is this oen really used?

>   sc:  Computer Modern Slanted Caps and Small Caps
>   ci:  Computer Modern Classical Serif Italic

is that one used?

>   bx:  Computer Modern Bold Extended
>   bl:  Computer Modern Bold Extended Slanted
>   bi:  Computer Modern Bold Extended Italic
>   xc:  Computer Modern Bold Extended Caps and Small Caps
>   oc:  Computer Modern Bold Extended Slanted Caps and Small Caps
>   rb:  Computer Modern Roman Bold
>   bm:  Computer Modern Roman Bold Variant
>   ss:  Computer Modern Sans Serif
>   si:  Computer Modern Sans Serif Slanted
>   sx:  Computer Modern Sans Serif Bold Extended
>   so:  Computer Modern Sans Serif Bold Extended Slanted
>   tt:  Computer Modern Typewriter
>   st:  Computer Modern Typewriter Slanted
>   it:  Computer Modern Typewriter Italic
>   tc:  Computer Modern Typewriter Caps and Small Caps
>   vt:  Computer Modern Variable Width Typewriter
>   vi:  Computer Modern Variable Width Typewriter Italic

> "Each font shape comes in 14 font sizes ranging from 5pt to 35.83pt (or
> 11 font sizes for typewriter fonts ranging from 8pt to 35.83pt)."
> I don't think all sizes are necessary.

if we stick to 10pt as base ... (see type-cbg.tex)

> and moreover it would be nice to have
>   sform5 .. sform10:  Computer Modern Concrete Roman
>   sfosl5 .. sfosl10:  Computer Modern Concrete Slanted
>   sfoti10:            Computer Modern Concrete Italic
>   sfocc10:            Computer Modern Concrete Caps and Small Caps

ok, but a different set

> (maybe not all sizes here either)
> and
>   sfbmr{8,9,10,17}:  Computer Modern Bright Roman
>   sfbmo{8,9,10,17}:  Computer Modern Bright Oblique
>   sfbsr{8,9,10,17}:  Computer Modern Bright Semibold
>   sfbso{8,9,10,17}:  Computer Modern Bright Semibold Oblique
>   sfbbx10:           Computer Modern Bright Bold Extended
>   sfbtl10:           Computer Modern Typewriter Light
>   sfbto10:           Computer Modern Typewriter Light Oblique

used? keep in mind that cmsuper is far from perfect

> Hm, well, this is all but ~18 (times 13 or 14 sizes)... so maybe it is
> worth to have them all? What do one loose? speed? work? If work, then
> I am ready to write what shall be written if you only show me for one
> font.

i don't want 75 meg font files; i can live with 2 meg extra in the minimal 
distribution, so a base of 10pt ones sounds ok to me


- we need a koi vector (enco-koi)
- a list of the 10pt font files that make sense

> About the encodings: According to my russian friend koi8-r is the most
> common now, but utf is coming more and more. This is what one person
> said, so if someone else think it is different, they may very well be
> right (my friend is mostly TeX:ing on UNIX systems, and from what I
> read from search results, the koi8r and koi8-r (which seems to be the
> same?) are mostly used on UNIX and www. So maybe the windows 1521
> encoding is still used by Windows users?)
> However, I can't get it working with koi8-r. It works in LaTeX (tried
> with the russian "Not so short introduction to LaTeX" document, and it
> seemed to use t2a and koi8-r). Under ConTeXt, the document I try (the
> rexample.tex saved in koi8-r instead of windows 1521) compiles, I get
> russian letters, but the letters are at wrong places. I am using
> \enableregime[koi8-r], and saving the document in koi8-r encoding. Is
> there anything else I should do?

so where does this t2a then fit in? we can make koi the main one and move the 
t2's to some additional typescript [so that it no longer slows down things] that 
users can 'load' in their cont-sys.tex


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