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h h extern pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Jan 25 20:54:33 CET 2005

Vit Zyka wrote:
> Hallo Hans and other ConTeXters,
> I have started to collect and clean up Czech ConTeXt localization. And I 
> have discovered that Tomas Hudec includeded Czech (non-trivial) sorting 
> rules into texutils.pl (calling czsort.pl from Jan Pazdziora). 
> Unfortunately it was not incorporated into official ConTeXt disribution.
> Hans, what is your prefereble solution in case of local sorting rules? I 
> know, there is \definesortkey, but this mechanism is insufficient for 
> Czech. I think that calling external Perl sorting routine is a suitable 
> solution. If so, it can be incorporated into current version? Files are 
> attached.

in order to do that:

- the pm code should move into texutil
- we should find a way to hook the switch into texexec

now, apart from such an effort, i think we should rethink sorting;

- no funny encodings which demands the sorter to be encoding aware
- no locale dependencies
- readable sorting code -)


- write named glyphs to the output:
- no longer use direct code in definecommand and defineaccent, i.e.
- define the fallbacks as 'definecharacter ones'

the last two steps actually come first (since adam l. is quite fluent in the 
character names and such, i guess that the both of us need to look into that and 
do that in 'one move'); after that i can rewrite the sort/index code to become
aware of named glyphs and languages, and we can then plug in language specific 
sorting rules [taking care of xml at teh same time]

[it's worth considering to drop the non etex code]

named glyphs are not so much a problem, but we need to clean up the
fallback encoding defs a bit in order to prevent funny expansion

   {% \let\dohandleaccent   \keephandleaccent
    % \let\dohandlecommand  \keephandlecommand

\def\convertmeaning#1\to % watch the double expansion !
     %\dontexpandencoding % new
      \literateencodedtokens % newer


\enableencoding[texnansi] \setupregister[index][keyexpansion=yes]


\defineactivecharacter * {\eacute} test \index{test \eacute * \'e test}


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