[NTG-context] Russia (cyrillic letters)

Mikael Persson mickep at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 20:41:32 CET 2005

Hello everybody.

I am looking for a way of writing some home exercises in my Russian
course in ConTeXt. However, so far I have not succeed with it. Should
it work out of the box without installing any new fonts (I am having
the fonts from a full install of TeXLive2003 now)? I have looked a bit
in the source files for context, but with no luck.

I guess there are different ways to achieve this, however, since I
also want some swedish text in the same documents, the best would
probably be if one of the following options worked:

1) Typing everything in utf8, and get the different languages
automatically when compiling.
2) Typing everything with western letters, having some kind of
\startrussia Boris \stoprussia and get Boris typeset with Cyrillic

Any tips/hints are welcome,

Best regards,

Micke P

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