[NTG-context] some bib module questions

Fei He fei.he1 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 22:55:08 CET 2005


I am new beginner and have some rookie questions about using the bib module.

1. \setupcite[number][left=[, right=]] did not work. the citation
still shows up in the text like (author, year)

2. either \completepublications or \placepublications wont show the
publication list at the end of the paper without using

3. \setuppublications[numbering=yes] fails to put a number before the
publication list at the end of the paper.

I got the most updated m-bib.zip from http://texaanhet.net/bib/ and
copied those file to my local hard drive at
...\texmf\tex\context\m-bib\. Also I just updated my context to the
new released version. By the way, I use pc and WinEdt.

I probably made several mistakes. please help. thanks a lot. 


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