[NTG-context] Greek font in Footnote problem

Alan Bowen acbowen at princeton.edu
Mon Jan 17 13:31:09 CET 2005

I am having trouble getting Greek in footnote environment. The Greek  
appears as it should in the text body, but in a footnote all I get is  
the input. In short, ConTeXt \footnote seems to ignore the \localgreek  
command. I attach a brief test file that should produce the problem as  
well as the input file defining the Greek font in the first place.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

By the way, there is no message in the log file to the effect that the  
Greek font is unavailable at a given font size. And I am using ConTeXt   
ver: 2004.10.26  fmt: 2005.1.3.

\input Oxonia
\usetypescript [all] [latin-modern] [texnansi]
\setupbodyfont[cmr, 10.5pt]


The cat is on the mat. The cat is on the mat. \localgreek{a>utopt'ew}  
is not a compound of \localgreek{a>ut'oc} and \localgreek{>opte'uw}.  
The cat is on the mat.
\footnote{The etymology proposed on p.\ 136 is mistaken:  
\localgreek{a>utopt'ew} is not a compound of \localgreek{a>ut'oc} and  
\localgreek{>opte'uw}.}\ %
The cat is on the mat.

% Oxonia.tex

\definebodyfont[10pt,10.5pt,11pt,12pt,14pt][rm][Gf=greeoxon sa 1.08]





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