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Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Sat Jan 15 16:23:17 CET 2005

ishamid said this at Sat, 15 Jan 2005 08:12:34 -0700:

>Have any of you guys a script or something to convert simple html to
>There are apparently a couple of html2latex converters out there but is
>anything for ConTeXt?

Huh, that's funny. I was just thinking about that in the context of this
post, as pointed out by Bruce d'Arcus:

So it sounds like that XSLT would be one place to start.
I have to think, at least with XHTML-basic <http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml-
basic/>, that going in and renaming a few of the elements in x-contml
would get you a lot of the way there, as well.

I have to think that <http://tidy.sourceforge.net/> is a worthwhile pre-
processor to have in one's arsenal, and I pointed out <http://www.re.be/
css2xslfo/> to the foXet list just the other day. Technically speaking,
if that converts to XSL-FO as well as it appears, ConTeXt could well be
the back end to it.

But to answer your question, no I don't have anything per se. I'm just
thinking about it. (And, because of PhD obligations, that's all I'm going
to do about it, for the time being!)
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