[NTG-context] m-letter backslash codes in xml database

Rob Ermers r.ermers at hccnet.nl
Sat Jan 15 02:31:32 CET 2005

h h extern wrote:
> if you want to move things around in an encoding neutral way:
> \defineXMLsingular
>   [c]
>   [n=unknowncharacter]
>   {\executeifdefined {\XMLop{id}} \unknowncharacter}
> <c n='eacute'/>

Thanks, Hans, for the example. I do agree, but I'm sorry I don't quite 
understand how to apply this code. Could you be more specific?

Do I still have to use the unicode number, or is this a method to use 
\"e again in the database?

Should I code each diacritic in this way, such as ouml (ö) in my 
example: <p>J. Sch&#246;ttelndreher</p>)?

My solution by the way does not work with, e.g., a Turkish scedil 
(U0015F) in my database, while Tex excells in all kinds of diacritics.

Kind regards,


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