[NTG-context] can I upgrade yet?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Jan 11 15:33:37 CET 2005

Gary wrote:
> Some months ago I stopped upgrading ConTeXt.  Here and there I saw 
> references to new file hierarchies, and something about installation 
> scripts ... if I remember correctly.   I didn't want to break my system, 
> so I just stopped upgrading, and stopped reading those messages (which I 
> didn't understand, anyway).
> I'm currently using MikTeX.
> 1.)  Concerning file hierarchy:  did something monumental indeed ocurr 
> that I ignored?

enc and map files as well as scripts are now in new locations, i assume that 
miktex has been adapted to that

> 2.) If so, is it safe to upgrade?

miktex has a good reputation or upgrading

> 3.) Is there some other way besides my traditional method of unzipping 
> cont-tmf.zip file into /localtexmf ?  Do I need to rebuild the file system?

no, you can unzip, run "textools --fixtexmf --force", regenerate the database, 
and cross your fingers

> 4.) Have I misinterpreted, and nothing much has changed?

thing shave changed, e,g, the pdftex cfg file is gone now; no real problem for 
context since it never depended on that; the danger is in partially upgrading: a 
new pdftex will not work in an old tree

> Sorry about this.  I really want to avoid getting my system into some 
> strange state, and spending hours unraveling the mystery.  Done that too 
> many times in my life.

i do my best to avoid problem sfo rusers, but some things are out of my control


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