[NTG-context] next version

h h extern pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Jan 9 21:22:00 CET 2005

Hans van der Meer wrote:

> May I also make a suggestion? I think it will be useful when the 
> versiondate of the documents, especially the manuals, can be put along 
> the download link. Like is done for the context zipped updates in the 
> download page. It will make spotting updates much easier en prevents 
> downloads that afterwards turn out to be duplicates. Thanks if it can be 
> implemented.

maybe some day i will add some versioning to that, but currently i don't have 
that (manuals don't change that often, mostly new files are added)

you can use texsync to sync the documentation tree [uses rsync] and then you 
only update the changes [quite efficient]


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