[NTG-context] Context index and sorting question

sjoerd siebinga sjoerdsiebinga at zonnet.nl
Wed Dec 29 15:37:45 CET 2004

On 29 Dec 2004, at 14:41, John Culleton wrote:

>> Could someone tell me how I can use the \definesortkey command or for
>> that matter any other ConTeXt mechanism to define sortrules for
>> individual indices?
> You might want to look into a separate program called Xindy. It more 
> or less
> replaces Makindex in plain and LaTeX applications, but it could be 
> used in
> Context most likely. It is specifically designed to address the 
> situations
> you described, i.e. non-Western European sort rules.
Thanks for the quick reply, John.

Xindy looks like a great program and provides great solutions. The 
problem is that I can't seem to get it to work on my Mac OS X machine. 
A quick look through the xindy mailinglist gave me the impression that 
no one has been able to get Xindy to run on Mac OS X yet.

Could somebody maybe tell me just how the \definesortkey command works? 
Do I have to define a specific encoding or create "languagespecifics" 
in order for TEXEXEC or TEXUTIL to use it?

I would imagine that ConTeXt must be able to sort a norwegian words in 
a separate register say "\indexnw{kr{\o}ypa}}" differently from the 
english index entries in general \index{} register.


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