[NTG-context] Sidebars and versals Oh my!

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Dec 27 22:19:18 CET 2004

Adam Lindsay wrote:

> Delving further into details.pdf (I got this from a day of playing with
> it--which is hardly adequate for really digesting one of Hans's manuals)
> will probably yield even better results.

ok, i know they're sub optimal, but things like grids and graphics are 
troublesome anyway (we often get naive design specs like 'everything should go 
on the grid' and after that we enter some endless loop of 'do this and change 
that' simply because grids and graphic placement don't go well with other 
demands; normally in hand-tuned dtp a lot of cheating goes on which context has 
to kind of figure out itself; so ... what you see in details.pdf is actually a 
summary of our struggle with 'designers')


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