[NTG-context] Re: Extending metapost

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Mon Dec 27 20:17:11 CET 2004


> A worthy project, but one beyond my ability, would be a version of Metafont 
> that output PostScript instead of bitmapped fonts. 

This is really trick. There is a lot of non-trivial math involved as
far as I can see. See the discussion on tex-fonts one year ago on
Analytic Bezier curve intersection for MEATFONT and alike.

> It seems that the bulk of the necessary labor was done in the
> creation of Metapost. All that is needed is the production of a pfb
> file and an afm file instead of individual graphics files. 

No, there is more than that. For example, there is no postscript
equivalent of shaped pens on a path in type-1 postscript

> Does anyone else dream of such a project? 

A "lot" of people do. Search for example for metatype1

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