[NTG-context] algorithms style : need \starttyping with TeX and math feature

Maurice Diamantini Maurice.Diamantini at ensta.fr
Fri Dec 24 09:48:27 CET 2004

A solution of my probleme could be reformule to :
    How can I configure the \setuptyping environment to
    be able to keep the normal feature of special TeX caracters
    - \
    - { and } and [ and ]
    - $
Well I agree that it's no more "typing" any more!
So a special option for \setuplines would be more appropriate?

Le 24 déc. 04, à 09:07, Maurice Diamantini a écrit :

> Bonjour à tous,
> I'm trying to white some algorithms in natural language
> (versus pseudo-computing langage)
> I need to keep some "typing" for write space
> (i.e. indentation of text) while being able to white
> TeX commands (with \xxx{yyy}) and math (like $y_u(t)$)
> In fact I'd like some LaTeX algorithms style like feature.
> I could do some recursive \startitemize...\stopitemize...
> but it is two much verbose, so I thought looking at the
> ConTeXt "typing" system
> Also, perhaps my request is simply an option of \startlines
> which keep not only the lines break, but also the first
> spaces of each line (in a verbatim font fors these space)
> Thank you for any help!
> -- Maurice Diamantini
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