[NTG-context] Directions to use the new table format.

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Dec 14 11:07:04 CET 2004

Dirar BOUGATEF wrote:
> Hi all,
> I think that Hans is more concerned by this one ...
> Having looked at all the tables ways to make tables within context, i 
> think, that learning the last one (linetable) to do things is more 
> appropriate because it summarises the functionnalities of all the others 
> (hence, less headaches and a smaller lurning curve).
> Can anyone give just a few lines of directions to start using this mode 
> (The wiki example is too small to learn from) or at least some words 
> about how to use the implementation file which is  core-ltb.tex to 
> understand how things work (This is gonna be very helpful to all 
> Contexters).

very undocumented indeed; i made this module for a project long ago but never 
came to documenting it;



\setuplinetable[c][1]   [width=2cm,background=color,backgroundcolor=red]
\setuplinetable[c][4]   [width=3cm,background=color,backgroundcolor=yellow]
\setuplinetable[c][6]   [width=3cm,background=color,backgroundcolor=magenta]
\setuplinetable[r][odd] [background=color,backgroundcolor=gray]


\showframe \showstruts



\dorecurse{5}{\NC aaa\crlf aaa \NC bb \NC c \NC ddddd \NC eeee \NC ff} \NC \NR
\dorecurse{100}{\dorecurse{5}{\NC aaa \NC bb \NC c \NC ddddd \NC eeee \NC ff} 
\NC \NR}


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