[NTG-context] bookmarks problems

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Dec 14 01:28:41 CET 2004

Christopher Creutzig wrote:

>  I have two problems with bookmarks:
> - Preview.App does display the list of bookmarks, but they do not work.
>   The same file has no such problems in Adobe.  (There are files with
>   bookmarks that work ok in Preview.App, such as the Adobe JavaScript
>   reference.)

preview is buggy and weak on interactive features

> - I fail to provide a bookmark different from a chapter title, if that
>   title is not followed by text, but directly by a \section command.
>   Whether I place \bookmark in front of or behind the \chapter command,
>   it affects the next section command with text behind it.

i'll fix this, for the moment say:

\appendtoks\def\quote    #1{'#1'}\to\simplifiedcommands

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