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r.ermers at hccnet.nl r.ermers at hccnet.nl
Wed Dec 8 23:51:55 CET 2004

Hi Patrick,

Well, what I wanted is to install and use a new font called Hudson. It is a font that consists of just one file (hudson.pdf + hudson.afm).

I installed Hudson with texfont, but I got a serious error message. Apparently I need a line like this in my file:


Then I got a cryptic error message which referred to the font ec-uplbi8a. Someone found out that the palatino font may not be correctly installed on my system, even though in Latex I don't have any problems.

Willi advised me run texfont on texfont.bat, which installs Palatino and a number of other fonts. 

Nevertheless, still one palatino size (720) apparently is not available. (The pdf file that results is corrupted.) I guess that size has to be generated in some way or another.

Well, my goal still is to use the Hudson font, and palatino, of course. The suggestion in the Wiki does not work either, I'm afraid.

With the instruction 

from the Wiki, the log file reads:

Warning: PDFETEX (file ec-raw-uplr8a): Font ec-raw-uplr8a at 720 not found
Output written on testhuds-con.pdf (1 page, 1869 bytes).

But this warning comes up whatever I do.

I am totally lost now.

Kind regards,


> Hi,
> if you just want to use palatino, see the wiki:
> http://contextgarden.net/Psnfss
> if anything else, please write what you want to achieve.
> Patrick
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