[NTG-context] Re: Update ConTeXt 2004-12-06 for teTeX 2.99.4-beta: map files

Thomas Esser te at dbs.uni-hannover.de
Tue Dec 7 21:29:04 CET 2004

> 1. In ConTeXt all map files are in fonts/map/pdftex/context/*.map

That's the wrong location. There is nothing pdftex specific in these
files, so the "syntax" is dvips, not pdftex. I have told Hans about it.
The level below fonts/map is "syntax" according to TDS 1.1.

> So my question is how I could update ConTeXt safely ? Which directory
> structure I have to follow ? teTeX will continue to work if map files
> installed in ConTeXt's structure ?

The TDS tells us where to put those files and even though Hans does not
care much about dvips, I suggest that he moves his files. Some files
don't have a proper newline in the end, so they are not even proper
text files.  Thers is no non-whitespace difference between teTeX's files
in fonts/map/dvips/context and cont-tmf's fonts/map/pdftex/context,
so you can just ignore the files from cont-tmf.

So, I suggest that you

  unpack cont-tmf.zip in a temp directory
  rm -rf  fonts/map/pdftex/context
  rm -rf tex/latex
  cp -a * /to/your/texmf-dist

(teTeX has aliases for the files that context distributes in tex/latex,
so we don't need these files).


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