[NTG-context] New context Release notes

sebastian.rooks at free.fr sebastian.rooks at free.fr
Tue Dec 7 14:26:18 CET 2004


In http://contextgarden.net/Context_2004.12.06 :
    ctxtools.rb: no understands a new option, --jeditinterface (generates syntax
                     descriptions for 'jedit')

Great news for a jedit user. How could I use it ?



Selon Taco Hoekwater <taco at elvenkind.com>:

> Hi there,
> For those of you who are interested, Hans has released a new ConTeXt last
> week, and I've created a release notes pages for it here:
> 	http://contextgarden.net/Context_2004.12.06
> Highlights:
> * texfont.pl is now version 2.2.1. From now on, it uses internal filename
>   globbing (using a new switch: --pattern=<wildcard>) instead of the shell
>   wildcard expansion.
>   Obviously, this means that the commandline has changed.
> * most other changes are bugfixes, follow the link for those.
> Greetings, Taco
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