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Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Tue Dec 7 09:19:49 CET 2004

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Rob Ermers said this at Tue, 7 Dec 2004 00:19:13 +0100:

>Thanks for your quick reaction. Before ending this eventful day, I ran 
>texexec as you suggested.

(I'm in a meeting the next couple days, so probably won't be as
responsive after this email.)

>The font in question is Hudson (vendor=softmaker = Berry 5), for which I 
>  invented the name 5hu (+r for roman). I have the two files 5hur.pdf 
>and 5hur.afm.

Ugh. IMHO, it's a waste of time bothering with berry style renaming.
Texfont's beauty is that it takes fonts as they are (whole directories at
a time). It shouldn't create problems if you want to do this renaming, though.

>Texfont generated a number of files and put them in several directories:
>- texnansi-softmaker-hudson.map in 
>- texnansi-5hur.tfm in J:\tex\localtexmf\fonts\tfm\softmaker\hudson
>- texnansi-5hur.vf in J:\tex\localtexmf\fonts\vf\softmaker\hudson
>- 5hur.afm in J:\tex\localtexmf\fonts\afm\softmaker\hudson
>- 5hur.pfb in J:\tex\localtexmf\fonts\type1\softmaker\hudson
>Texfont also generated the following:
>D:\Fonts\hudson\hudson: texnansi-softmaker-hudson.log
>D:\Fonts\hudson\hudson: texnansi-softmaker-hudson.tex
>D:\Fonts\hudson\hudson: texnansi-softmaker-hudson.tmp
>D:\Fonts\hudson\hudson: texnansi-softmaker-hudson.pdf
>The pdf file does not show the hudson font - I wonder if it should.

It should. Do you have \autoloadmapfilestrue uncommented in your cont-
sys.tex file?
What errors come up in PDF creation? (you *do* use pdfetex as an engine,

>Perhaps I should mention that Texfont was interrupted; atf2tfm gets 
>stuck - a conflict with a dll, but if click on OK, nothing serious seems 
>to be the matter. The tfm file is generated after all. If I test afm2tfm 
>  without texfont, it works normally.

That interruption doesn't fill me with faith. Is the generated texnansi-
5hur.tfm from the texfont valid?

>I have a test file, which is called testhuds-con.tex.

it wasn't attached, in case that was your intention.
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