[NTG-context] Wrong text alignment within Context.

Dirar BOUGATEF chabah5 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 1 22:01:43 CET 2004


Am trying to control my text in order to appear right aligned. This is how 
my text looks like after being typeset by context:

>From King's Officer to Consul, had he been born a year earlier, a certain 
leone Buonaparte (1769-1821) would not have been French, since his native
isle of Corsica was only annexed by France in 1768. Like all poor but gifted 
bles,  he attended a  military academy,  becoming an  officer  at  sixteen. 
French  Revolution and wars favoured his swift promotion.

by age 24 he was a general, and swept from victory to victory in Italy and 
Egypt, after a bold coup d'état he was proclaimed consul.

I don't understand why the last paragraph is typeset like this. There are 
several paragraphs before which are typeset correctly. What can i do to 
control this ?

Many thanks.


PS. As the text depends on some font i have, i can't provide an example that 
could illustrate more than this (Typesetting changes according to font u use 

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