[NTG-context] Black generation in cmyk output

Henning Hraban Ramm hraban at fiee.net
Wed Dec 1 17:31:17 CET 2004

Am 01.12.2004 um 15:19 schrieb Piotr Kopszak:
> Sorry for imprecise question. I meant black generation in rgb images
> in JPG format included in document. If it's not possible to control
> the amount of black in that case I'd like to use cmyk JPG images, but
> will they be left untouched by the colour conversion mechanism?

AFAIK ConTeXt doesn't touch pixel images at all - that would be a 
rather complicated task, perhaps using little_cms or GIMP libraries or 
the like...

Grüßlis vom Hraban!

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