[NTG-context] pagenumbers in margin

GEERT at telefonica.net GEERT at telefonica.net
Thu Nov 25 12:20:57 CET 2004


After a long period of "Context inactivity", I am again into document 

I want to put the pagenumbers in a doublesided document in the outer 
margin.  So far no problem at all...  but I want the number to be 
placed in a 3cm wide grey box, wich I do with an inframed command 
within the pagenumbering setup.  

This also works more or less, but (see if I can explain this in plain 
english without using figures !!.....) :

The grey box with the pagenumber aligns its inner border with the inner 
border of the outer margin.  

What I want is the grey box to align its outer border with the outer 
border of the outer margin.....

Any suggestion ?

Geert Dobbels.

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