[NTG-context] Request: translation of texshow-web

Jose Luis Diaz de Arriba jdiaz at atc.uniovi.es
Mon Nov 22 18:45:28 CET 2004

En fecha y hora 22/11/04 18:03, Patrick Gundlach dijo:
> Dear ConTeXt (and texshow-web) users,
> I am currently translating texshow-web into various languages. Well
> I'd like to, but all languages besides german (and english) give me
> headaches... So I am looking for some native speakers to help me
> translating. The job is pretty easy, I'd send you a small textfile and
> you send it back to me with some strings translated (currently 35
> strings, but there is also the help page and main page...)
> Patrick

Hi Patrick.

My native language is Spanish, and I can read english without problems. 
I can help you with the Spanish translation. However I have to confess 
you that I never used texshow-web, and my knowledge about context is 
very superficial. I hope this is not a problem.

--JL Diaz

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