[NTG-context] Czech support (Was: Re: does context support vietnamese?)

h h extern pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Nov 17 23:23:00 CET 2004

David Antos wrote:

> Hyphenation patterns work OK for Czech. Settings for Czech seem to be
> reasonable (I'd only redefine subsentence setting and mainly date),
> generated words (Chapter, ...) work fine, at least it is easy to
> redefine them to one's personal taste :-)

since there are more czech users on this list (if i'm right), if you team up and 
send me patches ...

> System messages and names of macros are available in Czech (although I
> cannot imagine anyone who would use them; things like "nastavramovani"
> for setupframed seem really perverted to me:-).

hm, it's not something obscene i hope

we need indeed someone to go over the czech interface

> Index sorting is missing in the distribution; in any case, Czech sorting
> rules are really ugly and need incorporation of Cz::Sort into texutil. I
> don't keep an eye on ConTeXt development very carefully so I might be
> out-of-sync, nevertheless it'd be nice to have a sorting module
> pluggable into texutil (just a suggestion).

ok, i have to pick up that thread

> The Czech support is based on master thesis of Tomas Hudec. After
> finishing his study, he disappeared and I have no knowledge about him.
> Fortunately, I have the complete sources of his work, so the missing
> parts could be filled. I've prepared a Bc. thesis assignment saying in
> fact "take Tomas' thesis and make it really work" but I haven't manage
> anybody to do that :-(
> Currently, I'm pretty busy (and use ConTeXt to write in English), so if
> a Czech speaking ConTeXt user wants to have a look at it, I can send
> him/her the archive.

btw, coming distributions will carry new styles for typesetting the setups

texmfstart texexec.pl --pdf --global --purge --interface=en --result=setup-en 

i think in the new layout you will recognize some of the things we both 
discussed long ago (this goes hand in hand to moving to xml descriptions)


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