[NTG-context] \mathstrut in \underbrace and nath

Nikolai Weibull mailing-lists.context-users at rawuncut.elitemail.org
Wed Nov 17 17:00:50 CET 2004


  \underbrace{\mathstrut rr\dots r}_{n \text{times}}


! Missing } inserted.
<inserted text>
<to be read again>
                   \o at dollar
\o at math ->\o at dollar
\finishddelimbox@ ->\mathclose {} \o at math
\delim at l #1#2->\mathopen {} \finishddelimbox@
                                              \put@ {\the \ht \sizebox }\ht at ...

\mathph at nt ...tbox \nextbox \voidb at x {$\m at th #1{#2
l.4 ...race{\mathstrut rr\dots r}_{n \text{times}}


My guess is that the expansion of \mathstrut, being \vphantom(, is being
misinterpreted as a delimiter (as '(' is active in nath), but that's
just a layman's guess.

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