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Otared Kavian otared at wanadoo.fr
Mon Nov 8 13:59:49 CET 2004

At 19:57 -0500 7/11/04, David Munger wrote:
>Oh sorry for not being clear about it. I was assuming that some
>presentation module would be imported, for instance:
>So probably there lacks a \page command in your \Subject definition.
>About the \[ and \]: you're right. I was using the amsl module from
>Giuseppe Bilotta.
>Thanks for your remarks. :-)
>So, assuming that the steps code is in a file name t-rsteps.tex, the
>complete example would be:
>\usemodule [pre-original]
>\usemodule [rsteps]

Hi David,

Thanks for the details. Indeed I get now what is expected from your 
macros, and as a matter of fact the result is much much better than 
that of my crude macros... You did a great improvement!
So I am going to use yours from now on: thanks again!

If I can suggest a possible improvement to the t-rsteps.tex macros, 
it is the following:
When one uses these macros with an automatic numbering such as 
\placeformula[equation-reference] (see the example below), with each 
invocation of \page (that is a step) the number increases, and this 
is an unwanted side result. Would it possible to "freeze" the 
numbering procedure in such a way that the number doesn't change in 
each step? (When I was using my macros, I didn't use \placeformula in 
sildes with steps, but rather an old \leqno from plain TeX).

Best regards: OK
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% example steps-david-2.tex
\usemodule [pre-original]
\usemodule [rsteps]

\StartSteps[Slide Title]           % the title is passed to
                                    % the \Subject macro defined in pre-original


\FromStep[1] {\item {\bf Lemma. } {\it For any $u,v \in H$, a Hilbert 
space, we have the following Cauchy-Schwarz inequality\/}
|(u|v)| \leq \Vert u\Vert \cdot \Vert v \Vert.

\FromStep[2] {\item {\bf Proof. } Consider $f(t):= (u+tv|u+tv)$ for 
$t\in {\Bbb C}$.}

\FromStep[3]{\item We have $f(t) \geq 0$ for all $t\in {\Bbb C}$.}



%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% end example steps-david-2.tex

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