[NTG-context] Font definitions.

Dirar BOUGATEF chabah5 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 2 21:28:26 CET 2004

Thanks Hans. I see my error now. I was using a typescript name where a 
fontsynonym name was needed.

I still have a question about \small and \big. i tried the 
\showbodyfontenvironment to see the sizes then tried this:

{\big Hello world}Hello world{\small Hello world}

I get the first and the second Hello world at the same size, where the fonts 
table shows that i should have \big at 14.3pt when my current size is at 12.

Is there any interest to define a new font environment in this case ?

This my example:





{\big Hello world}Hello world{\small Hello world}


Many thanks.


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