[NTG-context] fontdimen trickery

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Nov 1 17:04:59 CET 2004

Adam Lindsay wrote:

> Hans, Taco, all,
> Parallel to Taco's mathfontdump, this morning I ran into a problem trying
> to reassign a fontdimen of a font invoked using ConTeXt's typescript
> system. If I try it before a \setupbodyfont, it doesn't recognise the
> font identifier, and if I try it afterwards, I run into a \reactivatefont
> mess.
> The key line in the attached file appears commented out twice:
>  \fontdimen7\csname*new12ptmmmi*\endcsname=0pt
> (I'm trying to work on some better math support for some other fonts, and
> trying it this way first, before hacking into a tfm.)
> The prime question is, is there something higher-level and "obvious" that
> I'm missing, or does it mean tearing into font-ini?

we can consider to add 'improvements' to math dimensions in a similar 
way as protruding and hz, i.e. as a handling; that way they get set at 
definition time automatically

anyhow, the solution for your hackery is:



{\csname*new12ptmmmi*\endcsname \fontdimen7\font=1pt}




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