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Martin Kolarik martin at mii.cz
Thu Oct 28 20:14:55 CEST 2004

Hi all,

first I must apologize for delayed (and now induced by Adam too :-)
response. What I have found:

1. startpublication stores data in a stream of data written as is without
any processing. It was my first error -- I use XML and I created publication
full of \XMLops and \XMLflushes, so in the time of usage of the publication
all these macros expanded to empty string. So I have to rewrite XML handler

2. if I used simply \placepublications (or \placelist[pubs]) I got nothing.
And after some tracing I found that I did not set criterium=something. After
correcting this, publications appeared correctly. I did not continue to
check code after this success, but it seems to me the criterium parameter is
NOT set for publication list by default. My mistake was I did not trust the
bib module documentation, as I expected (myself :-) it is a good habit in
the ConTeXt to set defaults of parameters to the values which allow user for
the first hit catch reasonable output.

So maybe this helps,

have a nice day,


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> Taco Hoekwater said this at Tue, 19 Oct 2004 16:44:14 +0200:
> >It works here, but I am not sure if that means anything. Can you try
> >
> >	texexec --version
> >
> >and perhaps e-mail me a small (wrong) file as well?
> I just discovered this didn't work for me, either!
> Latest ConTeXt, just-downloaded m-bib-2004-08-30.zip.
> The key is here:
> (./ReportLindsay.tuo)
> system         : pubs not found/processed
> It simply doesn't find the pubs list, but it's in the .tuo file!
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