[NTG-context] more nath patches

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Oct 26 16:16:50 CEST 2004

Christopher Creutzig wrote:

>    \setbox\nathbox\currstyle at hbox{%\vrule\!!height 2\mex\!!width 0pt

since you are going the fast and efficient way (\using \!!dimena etc), 
0pt can become \zeropoint (less space interference as well)

>     \!!dimenf=\fontdimen8\textfont2


is more independent; maybe i should define symbolic names for the font 
dimens as well (no time to make a list now)

>     (\!!dimeni+0.5\fracrulethickness@)\relax

is \fracrulethickness@ a nath specific thing?

>    \hfill\,

maybe you need a % after this line

>  I do assume the whole thing could be done with about half as many lines 
> of code, but I was glad to finally understand how TeX typesets fractions 
> and just ignored beautifying the code.  Also note that the snippet uses 

it's not that bad, tricky code seldom looks nice


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