[NTG-context] Upright greek with Fourier

Sebastian Sturm SebastianSturm at t-online.de
Sun Oct 17 12:03:05 CEST 2004


I'm using the Fourier Utopia Fonts together with the latest stable 
i-Installer ConTeXt package. I'd like to access Fourier's upright greek 
alphabet, especially the large omega. However, the font including that 
character doesn't seem to be used in math-fou.tex. I tried all 
characters of mi (standard math) as well as many characters of sy and 
the ex one (using \definemathsymbol [otheromega] [ord] [...] [...]). I 
guess I'd have to define a font synonym pointing to the right font 
file, but my attempts didn't
produce anything but garbage. At the moment I'm using 
\getglyph{fourier-ml}{173}, which is stupid but functional.

So, can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,

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