[NTG-context] was: figuretext problem --- is: how to modify (presentation) styles

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec1 at email.si
Fri Oct 8 19:16:59 CEST 2004

Hans Hagen wrote:
> Matthias Weber wrote:
>> Thanks Hans, this was most helpful!
>> I have another question, though:
>> After looking at various 'built-in' documentation styles I am 
>> wondering about the best way
>> to modify one of these. I couldn't find any documentation besides how 
>> to use the
>> styles as they are. So, if I want to make (say) the "green style" blue 
>> and with smaller buttons,
>> are there setups for this? If yes, do I learn about these by looking 
>> at the source, or,  if no,
>> do I copy the source and try my best to mess around with it?
> just overload them in your own style:
> yourstyle.tex :
> \usemodule[pre-green]
> .. your modufications ..
> yourdocument.tex:
> \environment yourstyle
> .. the text ..

I didn't figure out yet how to know which s-pre-xx.tex defines which 
style, but if you want to use and modify the green one, take a look at 
s-pre-02.tex or even better: general/sources/s-pre-02.pdf at pragma-ade 
website. The documentation there is not visual (like in other manuals), 
but pretty self-evident for someone with at least some minimal 
experience with ConTeXt.

To change the background color, after finding the following line in 
    \definecolor [OrnamentColor]    [r= 0, g=.7, b=.4]

it is not difficult to guess that an additional line anywhere at the 
beginning of your document or style file, like:
    \definecolor [OrnamentColor]    [r= 0, g=.4, b=.7]
will change the color from green to blue.

To get smaller buttons, notice the \bottomheight used overall where the 
buttons are drawn. (In page-run.tex you can see that that 'bottom' is 
resposnsible to set the proper bottomheight.) So
should solve your problem. If you want to change the look of buttons 
more dramatically, simply copy and modify the lines:


You can try to play with single portions of settings. A very beautiful 
thing in TeX is that one definition simply overloads the other, so it's 
not too difficult to modify a properly designed style.

Regards, Mojca Miklavec

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