[NTG-context] setup of headers

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Oct 4 18:35:10 CEST 2004

Thomas A.Schmitz wrote:
> Hi,
> found an old thread in the list archives, Adam Warner and Hans, but 
> there was no real conclusion. Can this be done in ConTeXt? I want the 
> following setup for my headers: mirror doublesided, on the even pages 
> pagenumber leftaligned, chaptertitle midaligned; odd pages sectiontitle 
> midaligned, pagenumber rightaligned; like so:
> 9______chapter______   ||  ______section______10
> If I am not completely mistaken, setupheadertexts takes either one 
> argument (identical header fo all pages, midaligned) or two (identical 
> header for all pages, rightaligned/leftaligned) or four (mirroring 
> even/odd headers, rightaligned/leftaligned). I think what we need here 
> would be for \setupheadertexts to accept SIX arguments:
> \setupheadertexts[even left][even middle][even right][odd left][odd 
> middle][odd right]

this is the readable way:



\setupheadertexts[\setups{text a}][][][\setups{text b}]

\startsetups[text a]

\startsetups[text b]


\chapter{test chapter} \page \section{test section}


(it's up to you to submit it into the wiki)


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