[NTG-context] u-diaeresis

ciro ciro at kavyata.com
Thu Sep 23 03:39:40 CEST 2004

I missed one important "not" in my message:
It should read:
"I use a font for \chapter that does *not* print u-diaeresis with \"u. ....

ciro <ciro at kavyata.com> wrote:
>I use a font for \chapter that does print u-diearesis with \"u. Then I decided to 
>write a small definition \udotdot that uses \char200 to print the diaeresis
>on top of the letter u. The problem now is that in my table of contents,
>the font is different, and the \char200 has a different meaning. 
>How do I resolve this problem?
>thank you
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