[NTG-context] Imposition features/limitations.

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Sep 21 18:08:39 CEST 2004

John Culleton wrote:

>On pages 39 ff and section 3.6 of _The Context Manual_ there are examples 
>of different page imposition methods. I wonder if this has been extended 
>to the level of true prepress software, with compensation for paper 
>thickness and/or skew when folded and cut? Or is it  just a demonstration 
>of what could be done?  This came up on another list while discussing 
>pamphlet making. 
% \definepageshift[test][horizontal][10pt,20pt,30pt,40pt,50pt]
% \definepageshift[test][vertical]  [10pt,20pt,30pt,40pt,50pt]
% \setuppageshift[test]
% \setuppageshift[test][test]
% \setuppageshift[test][none]
% \setuppageshift[none][test]
% \setuppageshift[paper][test][test] % arrange only
% \setuppageshift[paper][test]       % arrange only
% \setuppageshift[print][test][test]

willy egger knows more about how to use this (it was at his request that 
i wrote it)


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