[NTG-context] Re: mmlprime.pdf by Hans Hagen

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Sep 11 21:44:41 CEST 2004

Hi Samuel,

Thanks for close reading. I corrected the things you mentioned but have 
a few questions left:

(i cc to the context list)

% Quantifiers: I think having the quantified identifier in subscript
% is a very German notation.
% It changes on page 109, with a non-subscript x, but there still
% is a vertical bar where I would simply put a comma.

can you explain this a bit more, do we need an alternative representation?

(mathml completely  ignores  cultural aspects -)

% p. 35

% If prsubset means propersubset, then it looks like
% subset and notsubset have been exchanged respectively
% with prsubset and notprsubset.

I now have:

\def\MMLcSUBSET          #1#2{\MMLcset\subset}
\def\MMLcPRSUBSET        #1#2{\MMLcset\subseteq}
\def\MMLcNOTSUBSET       #1#2{\MMLcset{\not\subset}}
\def\MMLcNOTPRSUBSET     #1#2{\MMLcset{\not\subseteq}}

do you mean that i should swap these?

% p. 38

% The symbol for outer product more looks like a tensor product.

the mathml standard has no real examples and leaves much to guess, so 
what do you expect to see (example)

% p. 56

%   A cardinality is visualized using vertical bars.
%   [But what exactly is meant with cardinality?]

% Are you serious when asking this question?

in the formal visualized math way, indeed; i wonder what the result 
should look like, since the spec is fuzzy

% p. 137 sqq.

% Most symbols appear as a box with a question mark here.

that's because taco still has to finish his unicode math fonts ...



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