[NTG-context] Floats and captions difficulties

Martin Kolařík martin at mii.cz
Thu Sep 16 13:24:36 CEST 2004

Thanks, there the files are,

cutf.xml and cutf.tex, which defines about (about is not in x-contml).

I created simple sample using cont-ml. See the second about in result (PDF). I created PDF with:

texexec --pdf --interface=cz cutf.xml --usemodule="xtag-utf,x-contml,cutf"


I have more complicated DTD/XML and in this (moreover) described \char xxx and space colapsing problem appears. Now I know more:

I use in DTD form <section><entry>...</entry><title>...</title>...</section> so I must <title> store for later use. This I do using \defineenvironmentsave[title] and the following \XMLflush{title}.

The code for section is (simplified):


where \expanded (or another full expansion) is required. If \XMLflush is not fully expanded, it appears in tui like "\XMLflush{title}" or "\ifcsname..." (for partial expansion).

So if I modify sent example to my DTD/XML I must expand titles fully and into tui they come not as UTF but as \char xxx (in proper encoding). But spaces go away. (And, of course XML parts in tui stays exactly the same as in sent files).

I feel it is on the edge of current ConTeXt/XML parser, but maybe there is some way or trick I do not know :-) which solves this...

Thank you very much,


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Martin � wrote:

>Hi Hans,
>did you receive the mails about captions and tui/tuo UTF expansions and
>reusing it in \about? I sent them on Sunday and as they are important to me
>I hava to ask again :-),
>thank you and have a nice day,
can you send me a small test file?


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