[NTG-context] map problems

Boris Tschirschwitz boris at math.ubc.ca
Wed Sep 8 21:48:29 CEST 2004


A year ago I wrote a set of ConTeXt-set documents on gentoo linux with
teTeX without any problems.
Now, trying to update them on Mac OS X with Gerben Wieda's teTeX
distribution, I get these messages

specials       : fdf,tpd loaded
pdftex         : using map file: original-context-symbol.map
pdftex         : using map file: pl0-ams-cmr.map
pdftex         : using map file: original-vogel-symbol.map

Seaching Google, I found some references to this problem, but all in
connection with installing new fonts.
Since Gentoo managed to set up everything automatically, I wonder if there
is a simple fix for that.


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