[NTG-context] [FONTS] Japanese Unicode

Nikolai Weibull context-list at pcppopper.org
Thu Sep 2 22:49:02 CEST 2004

I'm trying to get some Japanese ideographs in my document, but haven't
succeeded yet.  Basically, what I've done is used Adam Lindsay's XSL-T
stuff for creating an .enc for my .ttf (mona.ttf) and then run texfont
to install the font in /usr/share/texmf/local/fonts.  Now, I can't get
the test .tex-file working because I get

Warning: pdfetex (file cork-lmr10): Font cork-lmr10 at 600 not found
Warning: pdfetex (file mona30xx-raw-mona): Font mona30xx-raw-mona at 600 not fo

from it.  Now, these are only warnings, so I tried showing it with
gpdf (xpdf), ggv, and acroread for linux.  Nothing worked correctly, and
only gpdf was able to show anything at all (albeit it wasn't right).  So
I figured I'd try it myself.  I wrote the following




Guess what...the resulting PDF is completely empty.  Could someone
_please_ tell me what I'm missing?  I know I've been asking a lot of
questions lately and perhaps most could have been answered by me delving
deeper into the problem.  The issue for me right now, though, is that
I'm really stressed for time, as I need to get my masters' thesis done
soon, and a lot is working against me at the moment.  So, again, if you
can help out in any way, _please_ do.

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