[NTG-context] concatenate PDF files.

Paulo Ney de Souza desouza at Math.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Aug 27 02:18:53 CEST 2004

I am looking for a way to concatenate several PDF files, and found this 
e-mail from Hans:


saying that "texexec" can do it in several ways! and to look on the web-site,
texexec manual and the mailing list for directions.

I went to the manual first and found only ONE:

	texexec --pdfarrange --noduplex --paper=S6 file-a file-b

but that nullified all links I had in my files, and changed the opening 
from from FitVisible to something else (all files were FitVisible). Next
I went to two other sources he mentioned and Googled for: "-ntg-context 
concatenate pdf" did not yield much beyond that, and neither did Googling
http://www.pragma-ade.com/ for the words "concatenate" or "combine".

So does anyne know how to use "texexec" to concatenate two PDF files and
preseve as much of the file as possible (links, opening format, ...) ?

Paulo Ney

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