[NTG-context] UTF and texutil files...

Martin Kolařík martin at mii.cz
Mon Aug 23 15:00:17 CEST 2004

Hi all,

if I use UTF8 for chapter or section title the UTF characters are expanded
to \char XXX and this form is written into tui/tuo file.

But if such character is originally placed at the end of the word after
expansion and tui processing the space after end of word is read out (being
a part of syntax rule \char XXX <space>).


"Srovnání t-skupin"

in chapter in UTF text results to:

"Srovn\char 225 n\char 237 t-skupin"

and this processed back (e.g. into content) results to:


Probably this cannot be corrected any way except patching ConTeXt itself --
but if it is possible I do not know how now :-),



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