[NTG-context] Lucida Bright Fonts from StarOffice

skhilji at tampabay.rr.com skhilji at tampabay.rr.com
Thu Aug 19 15:21:44 CEST 2004

For right now, I am giving up on the postscript fonts.  Lets try something else.

At http://home1.vr-web.de/~was/lucidayy/, you will see some files that tell you how to use the Lucida Bright fonts that come with StartOffice 5.2 with LaTeX.

I copied all the pfb and afm files from StarOffice52 into a folder.  Its contents are:

[khilji at localhost fonts]$ ls *.pfb
hlcbot6w.pfb  hlcrot6w.pfb  hlhd80.pfb   hlhri80.pfb  hlsdo80.pfb  hlsro80.pfb
hlcbot80.pfb  hlcrot80.pfb  hlhd81.pfb   hlhri81.pfb  hlsdo81.pfb  hlsro81.pfb
hlcbot81.pfb  hlcrot81.pfb  hlhdi80.pfb  hlsd6w.pfb   hlsr6w.pfb
hlcbt6w.pfb   hlcrt6w.pfb   hlhdi81.pfb  hlsd80.pfb   hlsr80.pfb
hlcbt80.pfb   hlcrt80.pfb   hlhr80.pfb   hlsd81.pfb   hlsr81.pfb
hlcbt81.pfb   hlcrt81.pfb   hlhr81.pfb   hlsdo6w.pfb  hlsro6w.pfb
[khilji at localhost fonts]$

I also have all the *.afm files from StarOffice.

Is there any way I can use these fonts with ConTeXt?  If yes, where do I need to copy them and what do I rename them to? Are these fonts exactly the same as the ones that you buy from yandy.com?

Also the above site says "On the other hand, only the basic font styles (roman, sans serif, typewriter) are available, whereas the fonts from Y&Y include many more variants such as true smallcaps, sans serif italic, fax, handwriting, blackletter and more)"  Does CoTeXt use the other fonts that are missing?

I suppose it would be legal for me to use these fonts with ConTeXt?  I may have to ask someone at yandy.com.  It could be possible that these fonts are supposed to be used with StarOffice and StarOffice only.


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