[NTG-context] Context in Portuguese

Charles Doherty charles.doherty at ntlworld.ie
Wed Aug 18 10:49:23 CEST 2004

On 18 Aug 2004, at 01:03, Miguel Queiros wrote:

> Every time I use an
> accentuated character it simply doesn't shows up in the
> document. I'v read the docs but haven't found a
> solution to the problem.

I had the same problem when I started to use ConTeXt. Hans suggested I
use \enableregime[mac]  at the beginning of my documents. I use a Mac 
The same principle must apply for PCs. It might be \enableregime[win]

In the ConTeXt manual 'Fonts in ConTeXt' p. 22 there is a discussion of 
Regimes. You get the document from the Pragma website.

I hope this will get you going. If not one of the experts out there 
will have the answer.

Best wishes,
Charlie Doherty

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