[NTG-context] Re: Is there a bug during pagination of external figures?

Stefan Wachter stefan.wachter at gmx.de
Mon Aug 16 17:53:09 CEST 2004

Patrick Gundlach wrote:
> Stefan Wachter <stefan.wachter at gmx.de> writes:
>>Hi Hans,
>>I attach an example Context file and the included graphics.
>>Unfortunately the example is by far not minimal. 
> The file is just a few bytes, no need to mention...
> Just looking at the error message, I bet your problem is at:
> \setupheadertexts[text][{\tfc 8}{\tfb-3\_refkom}][]
> \setupheadertexts[margin][{\tfc bu}][\ifnum\pageno = 1\NamedExternalLink{../../../../bu/8/8_3_refkom/1/inhalt.pdf}{last}{\symbol[PfeilNachLinks]{} §}\else\PrevOrNextPage{/PrevPage}{\symbol[PfeilNachLinks]{} §}\fi\hskip.5em\ifnum\pageno = \lastpage{§ \symbol[PfeilNachRechts]}\else\PrevOrNextPage{/NextPage}{§ \symbol[PfeilNachRechts]}\fi]
> Patrick
Hi Patrick,

i do not think that the problem is caused by the header texts. The same
header text definition is used during all the document but the problem
is encountered only at a page with several external figures. In
addition, if I insert a new page in between the figures then the problem
disappears (cf. original bug report).


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