[NTG-context] getting context going

Floris van Manen vm at klankschap.nl
Fri Aug 13 01:32:48 CEST 2004


i re-started fresh (again :-) re-installing livetex using the
texsetup.exe command.

HH> if you install context, you can best do it into
HH>   texmf-local 
HH> (sometimes texmflocal) 
HH> that way the files will be found there first; (it's also easier to prune
HH> that tree) 

i did that too.

HH> if you have textools.rb:
HH> textools --fixtexmftrees
HH> will fix the tree

i did find textools.rb in the folder

when i type the instruction windows does not (yet) understand it.

C:\>textools --fixtexmftrees
'textools' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

in the windows environment there is:

path      c:\texlive\bin\win32;...
texmfcnf  c:\texlive\texmf-var\web2c
texmftemp c:\texlive\temp

texexec --verbose gives the following:

C:\>texexec --verbose
Kpathsea released!

 TeXExec 4.0 - ConTeXt / PRAGMA ADE 1997-2003

          current path : C:/Documents and Settings/vm/Desktop
     locating ini file : found by kpsewhich
               reading : c:/TeXLive/texmf/context/config/texexec.ini
               setting : 'TeXShell' to 'fptex' for 'all'
               setting : 'UsedInterfaces' to 'en nl metafun mptopdf' for 'all'
               setting : 'UserInterface' to 'en' for 'all'
               setting : 'TeXExecutable' to 'tex' for 'all'
               setting : 'MpExecutable' to 'mpost' for 'all'
               setting : 'MpToTeXExecutable' to 'mpto' for 'all'
               setting : 'DviToMpExecutable' to 'dvitomp' for 'all'
               setting : 'DviSpecialScript' to 'dvispec' for 'all'
               setting : 'MpFormat' to 'metafun' for 'all'
               setting : 'TeXFormatFlag' to '&' for 'all'
               setting : 'MpFormatFlag' to '&' for 'all'
               setting : 'TeXFontsPath' to 'l:/tex/texmf;l:/tex/texmf-local;' fo
r 'all'
               setting : 'TeXHashExecutable' to 'mktexlsr' for 'fptex'
               setting : 'TeXExecutable' to 'pdfetex' for 'fptex'
               setting : 'TeXVirginFlag' to '-ini' for 'fptex'
               setting : 'TeXPassString' to '-progname=context --default-transla
te-file=cp8bit' for 'fptex'
               setting : 'TeXBatchFlag' to '-int=batchmode' for 'fptex'
               setting : 'MpToTeXExecutable' to 'mpto' for 'fptex'
               setting : 'MpVirginFlag' to '-ini' for 'fptex'
               setting : 'MpPassString' to '-progname=mpost' for 'fptex'
               setting : 'MpBatchFlag' to '-int=batchmode' for 'fptex'

          used setting : TeXShell = fptex
          used setting : SetupPath =
          used setting : UserInterface = en
          used setting : UsedInterfaces = en nl metafun mptopdf
          used setting : TeXFontsPath = l:/tex/texmf;l:/tex/texmf-local;
          used setting : MpExecutable = mpost
          used setting : MpToTeXExecutable = mpto
          used setting : DviToMpExecutable = dvitomp
          used setting : TeXProgramPath =
          used setting : TeXFormatPath =
          used setting : ConTeXtPath =
          used setting : TeXScriptsPath =
          used setting : TeXHashExecutable = mktexlsr
          used setting : TeXExecutable = pdfetex
          used setting : TeXVirginFlag = -ini
          used setting : TeXBatchFlag = -int=batchmode
          used setting : TeXNonStopFlag = -int=nonstopmode
          used setting : MpBatchFlag = -int=batchmode
          used setting : MpNonStopFlag = -int=nonstopmode
          used setting : TeXPassString = -progname=context --default-translate-f
          used setting : TeXFormatFlag = &
          used setting : MpFormatFlag = &
          used setting : MpVirginFlag = -ini
          used setting : MpPassString = -progname=mpost
          used setting : MpFormat = metafun
          used setting : MpFormatPath =
          used setting : FmtLanguage =
          used setting : FmtBodyFont =
          used setting : FmtResponse =
          used setting : TcXPath =
          used setting : SetFile =

 applications will use : c:\TeXLive\texmf-var\web2c/texmf.cnf
      locating fmtutil : C:/TeXLive/bin/win32/fmtutil.exe

                --help   overview of all options and their values
            --help all   all about all options
          --help short   just the main options
   --help mode ... pdf   all about a few options
        --help '*.pdf'   all about options containing 'pdf'

        total run time : 0 seconds

the problem to me is that it is difficult to know what to look for and
where. then it turns out that the documentation is not in sync with
reality. that makes it difficult for a novice user (which i try to
remain :-).

i'm really looking forward in using context, but getting the car out
of the garage is cumbersome.

which (automatic) setup is best to use for XP and OSX ?

as i wrote before, i hope at least that there is also a positive
aspect to my stumbling e.g. what do people wrong...

% floris

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