[NTG-context] EPS/PDF import and \underbrace in metaplay

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec1 at email.si
Thu Aug 5 16:29:40 CEST 2004

Vit Zyka wrote:
> Mojca Miklavec wrote:
>> 1.) EPS/PDF import
>> How do I make an existing EPS or PDF image a part of some other 
>> meta[post/play] graphic?
> Use externalfigure (Metafun manual, 8.4 Including graphics)

Oh, thanks a lot. I was so stupid that I somehow overlooked that it was
a chapter about inclusion of figures in other graphics and not in text,
although I've seen these pages quite a couple of times.

>> 2.) \underbrace
>> I wrote the following two macros for drawing braces in graphics:
>> \def\underbracedescription#1#2{$\underbrace{\hbox{\vrule width#1 height
>> 0bp}}_{\hbox{\strut #2}}$}
>> \def\rightbracedescription#1#2{$\displaystyle{\left.\vphantom{\hbox{\vrule 
>> width0bp height#1 depth#1}}\right\}\hbox{\strut #2}}$}
>> However, the width has to be given manually - it doesn't care about the
> I do not understand what is your desire.

I want to make something like

[start of TeX code]
    \displaystyle{\underbrace{x^2+y^2=z^2}_{\hbox{simple equation}}}
[end of tex code]

except that there has to be a metapost picture instead of "x^2+y^2=z^2"

Or, see page 22 of http://remote.science.uva.nl/~heck/Courses/mptut.pdf.
(The example is made by stretching normal braces, but that's ugly)

> But in the case of obtaining real dimmensions:
>   \setbox0=\hbox{ ... }%

Is it possible to place a graphic inside a \hbox in some btex ... etex
or textext expression? In that case this would help me a lot, otherwise
I'll keep playing with \[something]MP[something].

Thanks again,
	Mojca Miklavec

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