[NTG-context] DIN sizes

Peter Rolf peter.rolf at arcor.de
Thu Aug 5 11:34:29 CEST 2004

Hallo Hans!

As I defined a few envelope formats I realized that some
predefined paper sizes differ from my DIN copies.

DIN 476, Dez 1976
DIN 476 Part 1, Feb 1991 (A/B variants)
DIN 476 Part 2, Feb 1991 (C variants)

differ (1mm)
  B3: 353x500 % width*height
  B4: 250x353
  B5: 176x250
  B6: 125x176
  B8: 62x88
  B9: 44x62
  C1: 648x917
  C2: 458x648
  C3: 324x458
  C6: 114x162
  C7: 81x114

  4 A0: 1682x2378
  2 A0: 1189x1682
   A10: 26x37
   B10: 31x34
   C10: 28x40

DIN 678-1, Jan 1998
DIN 680, Jan 1995

  DL:  110x220

  C6/C5: 114x229
        E4: 280x400

That's all :)
If you are interested, I can mail you copies of this boring DIN stuff.



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