[NTG-context] more footnotes:-)

ishamid ishamid at lamar.colostate.edu
Thu Jul 22 20:22:58 CEST 2004

Dear partners in crime,

I have come across a situation where, in a left-to-right document, I need to 
make the footnotes operate right to left: that is, the footnote numeral and 
rule should be on the right side of the page. Now when using the global 
direction changes that eomega/Gamma offers, this is trivial for a global 
right-to-left document (\pagedir TRT and \bodydir TRT are the global 
settings), but in a globally left-to-right document I have not been able to 
get this to work locally.

To explain:

\textdir TRT


\pardir TRT

locally switch the text and paragraph directions respectively, but not the 
footnote markers and rule. This is correct behavior of course. But I have an 
article that includes a long right-to-left extract with footnotes, and those 
footnotes need to be RL in the sense described above (numeral + rule). Is 
there any way to add a parameter option to \setupfoonotes which, 
between---say, a \start-\stop---that can locally switch the location of the 
numeral and marker to RL?

Please help: I'm supposed to send this thing to the printer next week:-))


PS \pagedir TRT and \bodydir TRT don't seem to help this proble when applied 
in a local context.

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